Note: The following materials are used with permission from Lou Corona.

The 4 Principles of Life (Based on the foundation of love)

Cellular Communication

Cellular Environment

Cellular Exercise

Cellular Nutrition

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Those wanting increased energy, strength, vitality, and clarity in their living will be massively inspired by what proceeds.

’The 4 Principles of Life’ are simple yet profound. They are simple considering anyone can look at them and make sense out of them, yet profound due to the impact they have on ALL areas of life. Literally, having the potential to create a paradigm shift for the entire planet when these principles are lived by DAILY.

Having been talked about in some way or another for as long as humanity has been in existence it is therefore interesting to consider the amount of people who still live without incorporating them DAILY.

The way they are presented here allows people to effectively integrate them easily/efficiently into daily routines with incredible joy – yielding increased energy, core strength, optimal health and happiness.

Explore the links above to learn about the electrical, infinite potential WE ARE ALL capable of. Learn how to integrate the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) and see how important exercise (Internal/External) are for naturally detoxifying the body.

Have fun learning how to feed the body in a way that gives us tremendous strength with RAW-LIVING, cultured, and enzyme-rich foods that are bio-available to our bodies trillions of cells.


Interviews on The 4 Principles with Lou Corona

#1 Cellular Communication

#2 Cellular Environment

#3 Cellular Exercise

#4 Cellular Nutrition