Cellular Nutrition

The balance of digestion, assimilation & elimination

Cellular Nutrition is one of the most creative areas we can focus on, when it comes to deliberately creating a radiant, healthy and joyful life, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The concept of cellular nutrition is to supply every cell of our bodies with the essential elements and nutrients to support and regenerate the trillions of cells in our body.

On a physical level our bodies require enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, glucose, simple/ complex sugars, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phyto-nutrients.

Not only is cellular nutrition about supplying the body with the most bio-available nutrients, but it also incorporates the ability to properly break down the food into it’s simplest forms so that it can be assimilated, absorbed, utilized and metabolized out of the system with efficiency.

It is important to choose what we eat in honor of our amazing selves.