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Can we burn calories in an easier way?

Wed Feb 20 2019

You may know that proper weight management cannot be accomplished entirely by food alone. In fact, you probably know some people that lead a sedentary lifestyle, who never work out, and yet seem to be able to maintain an ideal weight. How are they doing it?

However, it turns out you can burn extra calories just by doing everyday things, that don’t require much physical activity at all!

Here is a guide to some of the most common calorie burning activities that we engage in, and the number of calories that they consume per hour.

  • One hour jogging: 398/hour
  • Sobbing about our ache and pains: 392/hour
  • Complaining of a headache: 350/hour
  • Whining about getting no sleep last night: 337/hour
  • Reaching into the medication cabinet: 300/hour
  • Creating excuses to avoid chiropractors: 298/hour
  • Telling others about chiropractic: 10/hour

Just kidding!

How awesome would that be? This chart could begin to clarify why a number of our patients don’t “pay it forward” by telling others regarding today’s safe and natural chiropractic care. Is it because referring people doesn’t burn enough calories?

Do you know somebody who suffers from aches, pains, or is always reaching for pain killers? If you think that we are able to help them, let them know, and let us know! We would love to see them! You’ll feel better about paying it forward, and so will they!


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