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Chiropractor Explains the Health Benefits of a Digital Detox

Wed Oct 17 2018

Living in a world very afloat in technology can sometimes make life much easier, however it may also be enslaving and destructive to health and relationships. Whether or not we have a tendency to spend hours texting, gaming, or surfing the web, this tech time can start to become extremely addictive.

Not only does our life pass before our eyes while we are addicted to all of the technology available to us, it can start to cause other problems. Back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain can become a normal occurrence as your posture starts to deteriorate. The best chiropractor will help you understand how your posture, mood and body pain can all be connected, while we don’t realize that it all begins with an innocent online shopping spree.

There’s little doubt that technology will play a significant role in our workday and daily life. Although there are times that a break is definitely necessary. Here are 5 ways to begin a digital detox:

  1. Put away phones and different devices when you are eating. By turning your technology off while enjoying a meal with family and friends, you’re creating important bonds with one another. That’s valuable.
  2. Take a vacation from technology throughout your travels. Whether or not you’re tempted to post an image from Italy or write a review of a wonderful eatery in England, curb the urge. Instead, experience your vacation with the folks you’re with.
  3. Put to bed blue light distractions. Think about powering down your phone and different devices a minimum of one hour before you go to bed. You will most likely unwind easier and this should help you sleep more sound as you won’t be exposed to the blue light from the technology around you.
  4. Create a daily limit on tech time. Think about checking your email fewer times every day, scrolling through social media less and turning your phone off by a selected time at night.
  5. Fill your technology-free time. Imagine all the things you can do once technology isn’t stealing all your time. Relax, get at the side of friends or family, exercise, take a trip away, learn one thing new or volunteer.

While it’s impractical that we’ll adopt technology free life, regular digital detoxes will nourish the mind and body. Another form of detox that you can give your body is a chiropractic adjustment. This will make sure that your nervous system is functioning at 100%, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with a chiropractor near you.


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