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Chiropractor Goes Over Common Problems That Can Affect Healing

Thu Nov 29 2018

Most of our patients start care because they have back pain, neck pain, or some other type of health issue that is impeding their everyday life. Understandably, they want it resolved as soon as possible.

We ingest a pain reliever and within minutes the drug spreads throughout our body, freezing the symptom. Most of us have grown used to this instantaneous response from the drugs.

That annoying symptom may be gone, however the main cause of the pain is still there.

Chiropractic care works another way.

Instead of suppressing the symptom, the intention of chiropractic treatment is to reduce your nerve interference. Once this happens your body is able to function closer to 100% and in turn your symptoms are reduced. How long will that take?

Since your chiropractor and you are counting on your body’s ability to recuperate, it’s tough to predict. Here are some of the major factors that can help.

Your Issue:Your Issue: some types of health issues recover faster then others. This is because when we have these issues we focus on the person with the problem, rather than the problem in the person.

How Long You Have Had It: Most spinal issues can exist while not showing symptoms for years, or even decades. The neck pain or headaches might have shown up last week, however it may have been festering for some time. Newer issues tend to be resolved quicker than long-standing problems.

Your Health: Is your immune system compromised? Do you sit all day at work? Are you overweight?Do you get enough sleep at night? Do you smoke? People who lack immune strength typically realize it takes longer to recover.

Your Age: The older we get, the slower we start to heal. In your teens or twenties a small scratch on your leg may heal within a couple days. With every passing decade it begins to take longer and longer.

Your Lifestyle: What is it that you are willing to do, or stop doing, between your chiropractic treatments to give your body its best opportunity to heal? Your chiropractor may recommend to you some at home exercises, diet changes, increased water intake, or other at home care techniques.

Your Stress Levels: There are 3 kinds of stress that we feel. Physical stress, such as trauma resulting from a car accident. Chemical stress, such as alcohol, diet, or drugs. And lastly emotional stress from depression, anxiety, anger, or panic. Those of us that have a higher stress level, take longer to heal.

Your Outlook: Your mind-body affiliation plays a very important role. Participate and be present in your care. Believe that your chiropractor can help you. Actually want to have better health. These simple things will make a huge difference in your care. Become devoted to your health. Your chiropractic care is a partnership, not only with you and your chiropractor, but more importantly, you and your own body.

Your Adjustment Schedule: The care plan your chiropractor created is meant to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Results come from frequency and consistency of your adjustments. Missing an adjustment can impede your progress.

If you have got questions on the speed of your recovery, please ask! There’s usually a logical rationalization. We may need to revise your care plan, or make other changes to your chiropractic care. Our interest is your health and well-being.


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