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Root Bound Trees

Thu May 30 2019

Our bodies and our nervous system are phenomenal. The things that we can go through and overcome as humans are endless. However, sometimes we put ourselves through so much and we don’t realize the damage we are creating. It usually takes something else to happen to someone else for us to make the connection.

If you’re a patient at our clinic you may have noticed that we recently acquired 20 new fruit trees, totaling our collection to 24 fruit trees. When we first got them they needed to be re-potted and given some new soil, and lots of love. We bought the best pots, best soil, best fertilizer, worm castings and much more. Then we spent 24 hours re-potting all the trees. Once we removed each tree from the pots they were in, we immediately noticed that most of the trees were root bound.

We decided the best thing for the trees was to untangle the roots from each other and stretch them out. Doing this process was by far the most time consuming. Untangling years of roots that have been stuck and twirled around together is a big job. While we were untangling the roots Dr. Ali mentioned something that stuck with me, atree roots nd is the reason I'm writing this blog.

The tangled roots are like our spines and nerves. They have been through so much trauma they were all stuck together in one big knot. It was certainly hard to break them up, but once we did, they were able to move around and breath so much better than before.

After years and years of being hard on our bodies, this is what we can begin to look like on the inside. It is your chiropractors job to untangle all these nerves causing your symptoms. Your back pain, neck pain or headaches may take a while to fully disappear because your chiropractor needs time to work with your spine. Just like it took us a long time to untangle the trees, your body is very similar. In the long run, it is worth it for the trees, but it may take them a bit to recover.

Chiropractic care could have the same effect on you. We need to let our bodies receive the help they need to untangle from years of trauma. Through an intense couple of months of spinal adjustments your spine can begin to open up. Then regular maintenance can make sure it doesn’t get to the state it was before.

We all deserve to live pain free and allow our bodies to be relaxed. It you think your body and spine could benefit from seeing a chiropractor, please give our office a call. We would love to see you in our office so you can meet Dr. Ali!


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