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Why do Spinal Problems Often Return Even After Seeing a Chiropractor?

Thu Dec 13 2018

Chiropractic skeptics usually dismiss the concept of periodic chiropractic checkups or maintenance chiropractic adjustments once their symptoms subside with the classic, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” line.

This justification usually ends up in a relapse back to the original back pain, neck pain, or symptoms that the patient arrived with.

Why does this happen?

This can happen because bio mechanical changes on the spine affecting the nerves and muscles don’t heal the same as a cut, an infection or other self-resolving health conditions.

Addressing Long Lasting Issues

By the time spinal issues yield obvious symptoms, the problem has most likely been there for a while, possibly even decades. However, the ‘lower back pain’ didn’t present itself until “last week, after I bent down feed the dog.”

Thankfully chiropractic care can give you symptomatic relief within the matter of months, or possibly weeks! You will be relieved that the pain is gone, however this does not mean that your chiropractor has completed their job. They still need to address the retraining of the underlying muscles and soft tissue to complete lasting spinal changes. This retraining and maintenance of the spine will result in hopefully not succumbing to your dreaded back pain, headaches, or neck pain again.

This is why the initial problem may come back again. We don’t know when it will arrive again, but more often than not it arrives after a major emotional, physical or chemical stress. ” I thought you fixed the problem!” explains the patient.

Gratefully, there was symptomatic improvement, however without some type of maintenance schedule the weakened area is still susceptible to getting injured again.

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If this does happen to you, do not hesitate to give us a call. You are always welcome back for another chiropractic adjustment to help get you back on track!


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