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How a Chiropractor Can Help With Your 'Slipped Disc'

The intervertebral disc is a specific type of cartilage found in between each of the twenty four bones in all of our spines. Bands of fibrous tissue surrounds the spines jelly-like center. The disc creates space between each vertebrae so pairs of nerve roots will exit the spinal cord from in between each spinal bone.

However, having a “slipped disc” is definitely a misleading term. This is because the discs do not actually ‘slip’ out of place. Instead, a disc could become thinner, wedge, bulge, protrude, tear or herniate however it never just slips.

What Causes A “Slipped Disc”?

The jelly-like “ball bearing” center is named the nucleus pulposus. Incorrect lifting, slips and falls, a motor vehicle accidentCartoon man holding his back in pain or alternative trauma could cause the disc to bulge or herniate. This bulging or herniation can aggravate nearby nerves, which in turn can be very painful.

Traditional management of disc conditions typically involves addicting pain medication and, eventually, surgery.

An additional conservative approach is chiropractic care. Multiple adjustments can often restore spinal biomechanics. As structure and performance are improved, many of your disc injuries can resolve naturally. This could require some ongoing maintenance care, this natural approach will avoid the risks, unpredictable outcomes of surgery, and unwanted costs.

Do you know someone that is suffering from a ‘slipped disc’? Are you suffering from a ‘slipped disc’? Remember, chiropractic first, drugs second, and surgery last! We would love to see you for an examination to see if we can help with your ‘slipped disc’.

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