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Poor Posture? Poor Mood? Let a Chiropractor help


As many of us are finding ourselves sitting behind a desk all day at work or standing on our feet for hours on hours while not taking a break, taking note on our posture is more necessary than ever. If you have never thought whether or not your sitting or standing position is doing damage to your health, you should begin to understand how poor posture can lead to manifesting a bad mood within yourself. Let us show you why:

Each time we lean forward sixty degrees, the strain placed on our neck is increased significantly. This could result in cervical neck pain, pinched nerves and improper breathing—none of these symptoms are beneficial for your mood! Stress on your neck may also result in upper back pain and shoulder pain and muscle tension, leading to headaches which may be terribly frequent for those with poor posture.

Woman with neck pain

Your body language is closely associated with posture. A droopy stance can make us seem unhappy, afraid or impartial to peers resulting in totally different treatment which can bring you down while not even realizing it.

In a 2015 article, researchers determined that once facing a high-stress scenario, the study participants with good posture maintained a better mood and higher self-esteem.Whereas those with poor posture experiences profound stress and used negative words to explain their participation.

If you are dealing with poor posture a chiropractor can help!

You can better your posture naturally through chiropractic treatment, exercise, stretches and avoiding an inactive lifestyle. Ask for more tips to help with your posture on your next trip to your chiropractic clinic.


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