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Tips For Surviving A Long Flight

One of the things my husband and I love to do is travel! However, the act of flying is definitely not our favourite.  Long flights can be hard for your body, so here are some of the tips that we like to use to survive those ling flights!

inside of airplane

  1. Get up and walk around at least once an hour. Allowing the body to stretch and let the blood flow is super important. So get up and take a little walk down the aisles
  2. Stretch. While you are on your walk or waiting for the bathroom take some time to stretch your back. Touch your toes, do a back bend or any other stretch that helps the area that is feeling tight.
  3.  Move around in your seat. I like to try to change my position in my seat every 20 minutes or so. I like to move my legs around, sit cross legged, place one leg on top of the other, lean forward, or do some spine twists in my seat.

As soon as I get back from my trip I always like to get adjusted as well.  Although we did all that stretching on the plane, sometimes you just need that extra help to move some of those joints around that did end up getting stuck.

Are there any tips that you use to alleviate pain on long flights?

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