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What is Bringing on Your Back Pain?

Many people with abrupt, intense back pain assume, “But why? I didn’t even do anything!”

What many of us don’t understand, is that it’s not necessarily a case of what you were doing five minutes ago, or what you might have done yesterday, or perhaps even what you did last week that’s inflicting the current back pain; it’s often a case of “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” no pun intended!

Man holding neck in painDiscovering the Cause

Sometimes it’s chronic stress that causes disturbances on your nervous system and eventually causes your back to “go out” or a back of neck pain. This happens thanks to the strain of carrying the burden of all that stress on your back and neck.

Let’s use an everyday example to prove the point. You head to a local restaurant and place your purchase on your bank card. All of a sudden, the machine bursts off with noise because you didn’t have enough money in your account to pay for the meal. It’s not this meal that “broke the bank,” it’s all the cash you have spent before that you didn’t properly manage your to begin with that has placed you in this difficulty. Now, you’re presented with fees, the embarrassment and therefore the inconvenience of having to solve this problem.

It’s the exact same with your health–ignore it and it’ll let you know one way or another that you’re overlooking something important. Which can later manifest into neck and back pain, shoulder pain.

Beating Back Pain

The best way to stay ahead of things so you don’t wind up “over spent” is to remain on schedule with your chiropractic adjustments, eat healthy foods, sleep a minimum of eight hours every night, and learn the way to manage your stress.


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