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Why Golfers Love Chiropractors!

Man golfing at sunsetFor many, a calming game of golf is the best way to spend a weekend with some of your good friends. But unfortunately, the next day, some feel back pain in their lower back. Is it golf itself that is producing the lower back pain?

According to the Professional Golfers Association, a common golfer complaint is lower back pain. These injuries usually arise from playing too much golf. Back pain can affect weekend golfers too, except for the alternative reason. They don’t get out and golf enough!

Many occasional golfers lack correct swing technique. Plus, they typically don’t get enough regular physical activity. They will often swing too hard and the muscles used in that swing tend to get stressed easier, therefore an improper swing causes tension on their lower back. An investment in some golf lessons to find out correct swing mechanics may reduce this risk.

Engaging in a regular walking or aerobic activity is useful in preventing lower back pain. Additionally, older golfers (and younger ones too) have to be compelled to remember their endurance levels as they play. As a player gets tired, swing mechanics will worsen, resulting in spinal stress, stiffness and increased lower back pain.

It’s fascinating to notice that a lot of skilled golfers rely on chiropractic care. Tiger Woods, Zach Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Mike Weir, Vijay Singh and David Duvall frequently consult their chiropractor. If it works for them, it may work for you!


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